Command-line tools#


Restrict version of packages based on another YAML file. Example:

conda_envfile_restrict env1.yml env2.yml > env3.yml

To check conda-forge recipes, use:

conda_envfile_restrict --conda meta.yml env2.yml

In this case, this function only checks and outputs a 1 return code if the conda file is not restrictive enough.

usage: cpp_comment_format [-h] [-i] [-s STYLE] [-t TABSIZE]
                          [--change-quote CHANGE_QUOTE CHANGE_QUOTE] [-c]
                          [-d DOXYGEN] [--clang-format]
                          [--clang-format-executable CLANG_FORMAT_EXECUTABLE]
                          [file ...]

Positional Arguments#


Input file(s).

Named Arguments#

-i, --in-place

Apply formatting in place.

Default: False

-s, --style

Select style: ‘javadoc’.

Default: “javadoc”

-t, --tabsize

Specify tabsize.


Change quote: SEARCH REPLACE.

Default: []

-c, --code-block

Align code-block in comment blocks with tabsize.

Default: False

-d, --doxygen

Format doxygen commands with certain prefix (‘@’, ‘'). False to skip.

Default: “@”


Apply clang-format to blocks between @code{.cpp} and @endcode.

Default: False


Specify clang-format executable.

Default: “clang-format”

-v, --version

show program’s version number and exit